Thin Out Revisions – a WordPress plugin for better revision management

As its default behavior, WordPress always makes a new revision when you save your post. This is too often even if you like revision control. Thin Out Revisions (TOR), a plugin for WordPress, will help you thin out revisions and more. (Japanese page is also available.)

TOR has four powerful features.

  1. Thinning out revisions
  2. Disabling unnecessary revisioning
  3. Bulk erase of old revisions
  4. Revision Memo

Thinning out revisions

You can remove intermediate revisions during comparing in ‘compare two revisions’ mode. To do it, simply press ‘Thin Out’ button.

New Revision Screen in WP 3.6
New Revision Screen in WP 3.6

By the way, you would find Japanese words in the picture above. You can attach a memo to revisions like this by Revision Memo feature of TOR.

You can also remove each revisions except current one in Edit Post screen.

Buttons to delete each revision
Buttons to delete each revision

Disabling unnecessary revisioning

If you are a careful author, I guess you have many revisions as a result of preview checks. TOR can clean them when you first publish your post. Just simply enable the following option in the ‘Settings’ – ‘Thin Out Revisions’ admin page

  • Delete revisions on initial publication

A option for revision management

Bulk erase of old revisions

You can remove old revisions on the fly or daily as a scheduled task.

delete old revisions

Revision Memo

The Revision Memo feature enables you to put a short text note on revisions. You can see memos in Edit Post (Edit Page) screen like below.

Revision Memo in WP3.6

Make sure that you check the ‘Revision Memo’ screen option in Edit Post (Edit Page) screen.

Additionally you can edit it later.

Memo Editor

From TOR 1.7, you can show memos on your post. After turning on this feature, you can choose a default action, show or hide.

TOR settings
TOR settings

The default action will be overridden by settings of each post.

Edit Post screen
Edit Post screen

You can also hide specific memos by making it preceded by ‘#’. If your memos are like following,

Edit Post screen
Edit Post screen

Your post will be followed by memos like following.

Memos on a post
Memos on a post

Memos are listed as DL, following ‘Header for Notes’. Please note that some kinds of tags will be removed from ‘Header for Notes’ for security reason.

And more…

You can install TOR in a standard manner. Search it on your admin page. Please also check the FAQ page in especially when you use the ‘delete on initial publication’ feature. If you have any comments, leave them in the support forum

In addition, TOR works fine in multisite environment. Why don’t you download it today?

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