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AD FS 2.0 and Visual Studio 2013

There are many samples of Visual Studio 2013 which work with Windows Asure Active Directory (WAAD) authentication. But I can’t find any examples going with AD FS 2.0. That’s why I wrote this entry. I’ll introduce a way to build a web application in Visual Studio 2013 working with AD FS 2.0 step by step. Making a Visual Studio 2013 Program First, we will make a web program using authentication by ADFS. Select ‘File’ – ‘New’ – ‘Project’. Select a template, ‘Installed’ – ‘Templates’ – ‘Visual C#’ – ‘Web’ – ‘ASP.NET Web Application’. Click ‘Change Authentication’. In the ‘Change Authentication’ dialog, input as follows. Select ‘Organizational Accounts’ Select ‘On-Premises’ Input … Continue reading AD FS 2.0 and Visual Studio 2013