Twenty Thirteen and Standard Widget Extensions

Twenty Thirteen is a new default theme of WordPress for 2013. The default style of Twenty Thirteen is without sidebars. But you can use a sidebar in Twenty Thirteen with the sticky sidebar feature of Standard Widget Extensions plugin if you like. I’ll explain how to do that.

1. Enabling Sidebar

Twenty Thirteen has two widget areas. One is for the footer and the other is for the sidebar. If you place widgets in ‘Secondary Widget Area’, a sidebar will appear automatically.

2. Theme Modification

Twenty Thirteen’s sidebar doesn’t have a proper ID to use. So you need to attach an ID to it by editing theme files.

In your sidebar.php, please insert an id for the sidebar as follows (diff format).

 if ( is_active_sidebar( 'sidebar-2' ) ) : ?>

You could also make a child theme of Twenty Thirteen if you want to keep the original. Here is a Twenty Thirteen child theme zip file.

3. Configure Standard Widget Extensions

After configuring following options in the Standard Widget Extensions settings page, you will see great effects of it.

ID of Your Main Column
ID of Your Sidebar
Class of Widgets
Disable if window width is less than

That’s it. Have fun!

7 thoughts on “Twenty Thirteen and Standard Widget Extensions”

  1. I’ve installed this in my Twenty-Thirteen child theme but do not see any settings page. Where should that be found? Thanks.

  2. This looks like a nice extension, and just what I am looking for, but I have been unable to get it to work on the secondary sidebar of the twenty-thirteen theme. It appears on the footer widgets, but not on the secondary right-side widgets. Any suggestions? Thank you.

  3. Hi RickC,

    Thanks for being interested in the plugin. You can see the setting page when you click ‘Settings’ – ‘Standard WE’.

    I’d like to clarify what you want. Do you want to use the accordion widget feature in the Secondary Widget Area in Twenty-Thirteen? ‘The secondary sidebar’, which you mention, is confusing. Twenty-Thirteen has a only single sidebar. If you have two sidebars, I guess it’s Twenty-Fourteen.

  4. Hello, I am definitely using twenty-thirteen, which has 2 widget areas. The “main” widget area is the footer and the optional “secondary” widget area is on the right side of the pages. I am using a child of twenty-thirteen to make my modifications to the theme.

  5. I see. (I meant two widget areas, one as a sidebar and another as a footer area.)

    If you made a child theme like this entry, your sidebar would have sticky (floating) and accordion features. Doesn’t it have? And if you have some effects in your footer area, I guess it’s not made by this plugin.

    If you have different settings from this entry, please tell me. Or introduce your sight if you can.

  6. I have tried every setting and made sure I followed your instructions, but the only area this works on for me is the footer widgets. Does not work on the sidebar widgets. I have no other plugins to make the footer widgets accordion – it works like that only if I use your plugin. I’m sorry that this doesn’t work in my theme because it’s exactly the behavior I was looking for. The site I’m working on isn’t available online yet, or I would direct you there to see what is happening. Thanks for your help.

  7. Unfortunately, I have no idea. If you could save your page as a .html file and send it to my_nickname (comment author name) + by e-mail, I will investigate it.

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